For Emergencies, call 9-1-1

For Non-Emergencies, call 330-868-4177


The Village of Minerva Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency whose mission is to preserve and protect the community.

The Minerva Police Department consists of 3 Sergeants, 9 Full Time Patrolman, that provide 24 hours a day protection for the community under the direction of the Chief of Police.

Officers are responsible for protection of life and property through enforcement of state laws and local village ordinances. Officers have responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Patrolling village streets to control traffic
  • Prevent crime or disturbances of the peace
  • Arrests, cites or warns criminal or traffic offenders according to severity and nature of the offense
  • Maintains familiarity of the village
  • Notes suspicious persons or activities and investigates
  • Assists citizens and motorists with various issues when requested
  • Respond and investigate residential and business alarms
  • Traffic control as needed
  • Renders first-aid at scenes when required
  • Provides bank escorts to local businesses
  • Investigates and writes reports for crimes and traffic accidents
  • Books prisoners in to the Village of Minerva jail
  • Searches and cares of male prisoners in the jail
  • Collects, processes and enters evidence
  • Provides assistance and back up to other outside agencies
  • Apprehends or assists in the apprehension of criminals and wanted persons
  • Serves court subpoenas
  • Transports prisoners
  • Provides civil stand-bys
  • Testifies in court when required
  • Does continuing education and annual training as required
  • Maintains a good relationship with residents and any other activities in support of the community.


The Minerva Police Department Dispatch is responsible for handling all phone calls and radio traffic in to the police department as well as any 911 calls that come in to the department. The dispatch consists of 3 shifts that operate 24 hours a day with 1 dispatcher on duty at a time. There are 5 full time and 2 part time dispatchers. The dispatchers require months of training and are required to keep multiple certifications.  Dispatchers currently work at a station with 4 computers and 6 monitors that have the various computer software, resources and radio equipment used on a daily basis.  The dispatchers are under the direction of the Dispatch Supervisor.

The dispatchers are responsible for all police, fire and EMS calls and dispatching them in order of priority. Priority is determined by the severity of the crime/incident and whether or not it is currently in progress. Once the call is received, the call is dispatched to the officer either over the radio and/or by a computerized message to a computer terminal in the patrol car. Dispatchers have many additional responsibilities, such as:

  • Searching of all female prisoners in the jail
  • Typing criminal charges for Minerva Mayor’s Court and Alliance Municipal Court
  • Entering and preparing paperwork for all traffic and criminal charges in Minerva Mayor’s Court
  • Monitor security cameras
  • Take payments for fines, bonds, jail fees, parking tickets and records
  • Monitor severe weather
  • Activate the tornado and fire siren
  • Assist citizens at the police lobby window
  • Enter warrants, missing persons and variety of stolen items in to the Law Enforcement Automated Database System (LEADS)


The Minerva Police Department operates its own jail. The jail consists of 5 solitary cells for housing male and female prisoners up to 12 days. The jail houses prisoners that are awaiting court appearance, transfer to another agency or jail, warrant arrests, subjects charged with a crime and unable to post bond and serving time from not only Minerva Mayor’s Court, but other local courts. The jail inmates are cared for by the officers and the dispatcher on duty.

Police Chief

Dale McDorman

Dispatch Supervisor

Kimberly Mong


Larry Gardner

Michael Clunen