Street Department

The Street Department has many responsibilities from street maintenance to traffic light maintenance.

Street Superintendent:  Mike Hodge

Other Street Department Personnel:  Lucas Bettis, Austin Mangus-Holderbaum


Minerva Residents are reminded when snow accumulation is 4 inches or more, parking is prohibited on the following designated streets:

  • Grant Boulevard
  • Plain St. between West St. and Grant Boulevard
  • Liberty St.
  • Bonnieview Ave.
  • King St.
  • Market St. between E. Lincolnway and Line St.
  • Line St.
  • Main St. between E. Lincolnway and McKinley St.
  • Queen St.
  • East St. 

Vehicles parked on a designated street while a snow parking ban is in effect may be ticketed and/or towed.

Residents and businesses are also reminded to clear public sidewalks of snow and ice abutting their properties during the winter season.


Problem Details:

  • Light does not come on
  • Light stays on
  • Other

You may report a street light outage directly to AEP at the following website:

Leaf Pickup

Village Leaf Pick-Up has completed for the 2023 season. If you still have leaves that need to be picked up, please call 330-868-7705 ext 151 no later than Tuesday, December 12. UPDATED: 12/7/23

Please check below for your section and know that they always go in this order of pickup. Each section takes approximately 1-2 days to pick up, depending on how many leaves there are, weather and other circumstances.

Please watch our website, Channel 1025, and Facebook page for information.

To be picked up, leaves must be left loose and raked to the curb. We are unable to collect bagged leaves.

Leaf Pickup Sections

SE Section – East side of valley, South Market, Murray Ave., Grant (East of Valley), E. Line, Bonnieview, Park Ave., Wine, Haines & McDaniel Allotment. East of Valley and South of E. Lincoln Way.

NE Section – E. Lincoln Way, Don, Fry Allotment, Almeda, Latzer, Radloff, East St., Old Park Area & N. Market. East of N. Market and North of E. Lincoln Way.

NW Section – Edgewood, Squires Lane, Concord, Ridgewood, W. First, Chestnut, Hart, Prospect, Ridgeleigh, N. West St., Vine, Main, North of W. Lincoln Way, W. Lincoln Way. West of N. Market and North of W. Lincoln Way.

SW Section – Liberty, Plain, Penn, McKinley, W. Line, Hilltop, Euclid, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth, Booth, Roosevelt, Grant (N. of Valley), Thomas, West side of Valley, High, West St., Main St. (South of W. Lincoln Way), Southview Allotment. West of Valley and South of W. Lincoln Way.


Parks Department

Five public parks are located in the Village of Minerva, providing recreational opportunities and gathering places for residents and visitors.

Park Superintendent: Justin Murphy

All pavilions are rented on a first come, first served basis unless a previous rental has been made. All previous rentals have 7 days after the current rental to re-rent the same pavilion for the next year. After the 7 days, the pavilion becomes open for public rentals.

Bicentennial Park

Located on Murray Avenue, Bicentennial Park offers playground equipment, sand volleyball, basketball & tennis courts, disc golf, a rubberized walking track, and baseball fields. Three pavilions are available for rent. Pavilion rentals are $75.00 per day for Village residents or $90.00 per day for non-residents.

For pavilion rental information call 330-868-7705 ext. 151.


Bicentennial Park includes a handicap accessible swing. This swing shall remain locked until use is requested. To obtain the code, please call 330-868-7705 during business hours or 330-868-4177 after business hours and on weekends. We kindly ask that the swing is returned to its locked status after use.

Mayor’s Park

This small pocket-park, located at the corner of Main & W. Line streets, features a gazebo for reading and relaxation.

Municipal Park

Often referred to as Brock Park, the historic Municipal Park is located on Brock Avenue, about a block from U.S. Route 30. Courts for tennis, pickleball, basketball & volleyball are available in Municipal Park, as well as playground equipment, skate park and baseball field. Five pavilions are available for rent. For information on pavilion rental, call 330-868-7705 ext. 151.  Pavilion rentals are $75.00 per day for Village residents or $90.00 per day for non-residents.

Pickleball Court is available near the tennis courts. 

Rotary Park

Located on Grant Street, Rotary Park is ideal for small gatherings and Little League games.

Veterans Memorial Park

This small park, located on East Line Street, offers a serene setting for relaxation


Patti Willoughby

Park Rental

330-868-7705 ext. 151


The Cemetery Division is responsible for the overall operation of 2 municipal cemeteries in the Village of Minerva. Mowing of the cemeteries is subcontracted.

  • East Lawn Cemetery:  Accessible from East Line St. or Bonnieview Ave. Plots are available by calling 330-868-7705 ext. 153. Plots priced per lot. Columbarium was added in 2018 for urns.
  • Valley St. Cemetery: Located on Valley St. (SR 183). This is the Village’s oldest cemetery. Lots are not available for sale in this cemetery.




Brenda Albaugh

Cemetery Information

330-868-7705 ext 153

Office Hours
M-F 8am – 4:30pm