What are your office hours?
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed on all major holidays.
What do the different siren sounds mean?

The sirens ring when there is a tornado warning for the county OR when the Sandy Creek Joint Fire District is called out. This is for drivers to be aware of first responders as they are getting to the fire station.

5 rings when the siren sound dips completely:  the call is for an in town emergency.

7 rings when the siren sound dips completely: the call is for an out of town emergency.

The siren sound does not dip all of the way down in between rings: tornado warning.

What are your local utility companies?
Columbia Gas (800-282-3044), American Electric Power (800-672-2231), Frontier Communications (800-921-8101), and Charter Communications (formerly Time Warner Cable) (877-772-2253). The Village of Minerva handles the water and sewer for the residents. Please call 330-868-7705 ext. 106 to have the water/sewer turned on or put in your name.
Does the village offer refuse collection?
No. Each resident much choose his or her own provider.
How do I report an issue with a street light?

You may report a street light outage or other issue at the following link: or you may report it to Village Hall at 330-868-7705 ext. 106. We will need the closest address and the Pole Number.

How do I get in touch with the Minerva Area Chamber of Commerce?
Please call them at 330-868-7979.
I want to have a garage/yard/etc. sale. What do I need to do?

Residents wanting to hold any type of sale need to complete a Garage Sale Permit form. The forms are free and are available on our website under the NUISANCE REPORTING tab. Scroll down to APPLICATION FOR GARAGE SALE PERMIT. There is a limit of 2 sales at each address per calendar year. The Village Wide sales, usually held the first full Thursday, Friday & Saturday in May, and the Route 30 sales (Lincoln Buy-Way) are not included in the limit. Permits are not needed to have a sale during those special occurrences, but please remember that signs on utility poles are not permitted.

What is your public records policy? Whom do I contact?




Public Records Contacts:

Police Dept: Kim Kerr 330-868-4177
Village Hall: Patti Willoughby 330-868-7705


Specific questions regarding mandatory filing or Minerva’s municipal income tax can be referred to the Regional Income Tax Agency at 800-860-7482. 

As of January 1, 2021, the income tax rate is 1.50%.

Zoning: Building and Other Permits

All permits may be obtained at Village Hall. Please call 330-868-7705 ext. 106 for information and fees. We use the Stark County Building Dept. for large zoning in Village limits, even if the permit is for a property in Carroll or Columbiana County.

Do I need a permit for a fence, storage shed, outdoor building, or garage?
Yes. Permit fees vary. Any building over 200 sq. ft. must also get approval from Stark County, no matter what county in which you reside. Please use the Application for Zoning Certificate link for the form.
Do I need a permit in order to put a swimming pool on my property?
Yes. A swimming pool permit is also required for pools greater than 12’ in diameter and/or 12’ deep. Fencing is also required under certain circumstances. Please use the Pool Permit Application form link. There is a small fee.
Do I need a permit in order to re-roof a home?
If you are simply re-shingling a roof on a home, no permit is required from the Village. However, you must obtain a permit from Stark County, even if you live in Carroll or Columbiana counties.
Do I need a permit in order to side/re-side a home?
A permit is not required to side/re-side a home.
Do I need a permit to add or replace a porch on my home?
Yes, if you are adding to the size or changing the shape of the porch or deck, a permit and rough drawing are required. Please use the Application for Zoning Certificate link for the form. There is a small fee.
Please note that the Village of Minerva does NOT keep any type of property line records. Those records are done by the county in which the home is located. If you need to know where your property lines are, you will need to hire a surveyor.

Village Parks

How do I reserve a pavilion?

Pavilions are reserved for the entire day. Rental fees are $75.00 for the day for Village residents, $90.00 for the day for non-residents. Availability is limited so please call 330-868-7705 ext 153 for inquiries.

Checks or money orders can be made payable to the Village of Minerva and sent (with completed agreement form) to 209 N. Market St., Minerva, OH 44657. Please write “Pavilion” on the outside of the envelope. Cash is accepted in person during our office hours of Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.  Debit and credit card payments are accepted through the following link. However, please call our office to ensure that the pavilion and date of your choice is available.

Please note that to reserve a pavilion in an upcoming year, you have 7 days after the day of
the previous rental to make the reservation. After the 7 days, the pavilion will not be held.

How much does it cost to rent the Minerva Community Building or the Minerva Senior Center for hall rental?

Please call the appropriate number: Community Building – 330-868-7705 ext. 153 or Minerva Senior Center – 330-868-6004.

Channel 1025 (formerly Channel 21)

What is Channel 1025 (formerly Channel 21)?
Channel 1025 (formerly Channel 21) is available on Charter (formerly Time Warner Cable) in the Minerva Area. On this channel, you will find important notices, local advertisements, obituaries, lost and found pets and other pertinent information.
How can I get something on Channel 1025 (formerly Channel 21)?
To advertise or to put a notice on Channel 1025, please contact Patti at 330-868-7705 ext. 151. Advertising costs vary depending on what the ad contains. The Village of Minerva DOES NOT air any political advertisements or any content we may find objectionable to the majority of viewers.

Solicitation Permits

Do I need a solicitation permit for the Village of Minerva?

Yes. Permits are free for non-profit groups and village residents, but a permit must be obtained. For all others, a permit fee of $200.00 is required along with an approved permit. The permits cover 5 people up to 5 days.

How do I apply for a permit?

Permits may be obtained at Village Hall from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday. All solicitors must have a valid photo i.d., the make, model and license information of any vehicles involved and they must sign a contract regarding hours of solicitation and rules and regulations.

As a resident, how do I know if a solicitor is allowed to solicit?
Each solicitor is issued a card by Village Hall that must be presented to the resident upon request. If a card is not presented, please contact the Minerva Village Hall at 330-868-7705 or the Minerva Police Department at 330-868-4177.

Water & Sewer

How do I get water/sewer service put in my name?
The Village of Minerva Utilities Dept. requires an application to be submitted. Please use the Water-Sewer Application form if you are planning to live in the home. If you have purchased a home to be used as a rental property, please use the Water-Sewer Application for Owner of Rental form.

Along with a completed form, if you are renting or buying on land contract, a $100.00 deposit is required. If you are purchasing a home, no deposit is required. The deposit and completed application are required before any service can be transferred to your name.

How much will my bill be?
Bills are sent every 3 months and are based on usage. The Village of Minerva does have a minimum billing amount of 5,000 gallons.
What’s the billing schedule?
Your bill will always be due on the 15th of the month. The month will be determined by your billing section.  Respective to your section:

  • Last working day of the month: bills are sent out
  • 15th day of the month: bills are due.  A 10% penalty is added for bills paid after this date.
  • 8-12 days after due date: A delinquent notice is mailed giving until the 10th of the following month.  If you are unable to pay by that date, please call the Utility Dept. to see if payment arrangements can be made – (330) 868-7705 ext. 106.
  • 11th of the following month: 24 hour notices are issued at a charge of $20.00.  Any account left unpaid after 24 hours, unless prior arrangements are made, will be terminated for service. A $50.00 reconnection fee is required.  All monies due must be paid before service is reconnected.
What do I do if I am moving?
If you are moving, please call us at least 48 hours before moving so we can schedule a final reading. A final reading will be obtained and once your final bill has been generated, any amount left from your deposit, if applicable, will be refunded.
I have water that is discolored or has an odor. What can I do?
If your water smells like rotten eggs and you have had a new water heater installed in the last few years, you will have to have the magnesium rod in the water heater removed. Please contact the person that installed the appliance. Should you have any other odor or discoloration of water, please call the Water Dept. at 330-868-7705 ext. 106.
I am going out of town for the winter and would like the water to be turned off so I am not charged a bill. What do I do?
Please complete and submit the Water Off-On Authorization Form. Once approved, you will not receive a bill for the time you are away. You are responsible for letting us know when you return.
No one will be living in my home while it is up for sale or during renovations, etc. Do I still have to pay a minimum bill?
Minimum bills will be generated unless the water is turned off at the curb or meter by the Village of Minerva employees. A $50.00 reconnection fee is required for each time the water service is restored.
I am a property owner with rental, lease or land contract “Tenants”. What do I need to know?
Per Village Ordinance, all property owners with any of the above must inform the Water & Sewer Dept. within 10 days of a tenant’s arrival or departure. Please use the Occupancy Report to remit the required information. The fine for not reporting any change of tenancy is no more than $100.00 for the first offense and no more than $150.00 for any subsequent offense. Please note that all adult tenants must be reported whether or not the tenant responsible for the water and sewer bill.